Chef's Blend Series

You Asked and We Delivered....Finally a Paleo @KALEJUNKIE Blend!!


Nicole Modic also known as @KALEJUNKIE on Instagram is a wellness obsessed mama of two beautiful boys, on a mission to share her passion for a healthy lifestyle with others. We are beyond stoked on this collaboration featuring some of Nicole's favorite ingredients. This Blend features Strawberries, Chocolate and Toasted Coconut. 

For this Chef's Blend we took your input and got cooking with Nicole to create a Paleo version of her delicious Chef's Blend. Version 2 of @KALEJUNKIE's blend features Hu Chocolate Gems, Dried Strawberries, Toasted Coconut and other great Superfoods. This is a blend the whole family can enjoy, and perfect for back to school lunches!

Sounds Tasty, Right? Grab a bag today