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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions FAQs

Thank you for subscribing to Nana Joes Granola. It means the world to us and we greatly appreciate YOU! Please click on this link to find out how to change your subscription. Contact us if you have additional questions.

Discount Code FAQs

Why is my discount code not working? 

While we are the greatest of bakers and specialize in granola, bars and mixes we can't control how discount codes work (or don't work) on some browsers. If you're having issues with a code, please change your browser or try to place the order from your phone. We promise GRANOLALIFE works for first-time customers with an email address.

Discount codes do not apply to sampler packs or subscriptions. Discount codes can be combined with free shipping as long as the order subtotal (before taxes and shipping) is $50 or more.

We're always here to help you navigate any issues. Contact us or email us at after trying to change browsers without success.

Fanny Pack FAQs

How do I adjust the sizing?

Great question! Watch Michelle show and tell below.


Breakfast Brownie FAQs

Gluten free and vegan breakfast brownies, muffins, cupcakes by Nana Joes Granola


Our Breakfast Brownies are now made with Diaspora Co. single origin Anamalai Cacao Powder! 

Why the change? We wanted to not only support our friends over at Diaspora Co. but because as they have so eloquently written about in their description on their website "Anamalai cacao powder is organically grown by Harish Manoj Kumar and Karthikeyan Palaniswamy on their family farm at the base of the Western Ghats. It's a minimally processed, non-alkalized cacao powder meaning that it's rich in all its naturally occurring nutrients and anti-oxidants. That super lush chocolatey mouthfeel? Hella cocoa butter, baby! Made from Anamalai Estate’s award winning cacao beans, this is a beautiful showcase of the potential of Indian cacao. The fact that these beans are grown on a single estate means that you’re tasting a true expression of terroir i.e. the soil they were planted in, and the seasons they grew through. The cacao is intercropped with nutmeg and coconut palms, on land that was originally a eucalyptus grove, then a guava orchard, and now a diverse ecosystem where desi cows roam by day, and elephants scratch their backs on the coconut palms by night!"

Sign up for the Diaspora Co. mailing list for limited edition spice releases (seriously folks, their spices sell out in hours) and try baking with  Anamalai Cacao Powder it will exceed all your expectations of how cacao powder should taste. It a harmonious balance between melted chocolate and cacao powder. 100% every baker's dream!   

Can I freeze the Breakfast Brownies? 

Yes! Feel free to store your Breakfast Brownies in the freezer to extended their shelf life for up to 2 months! To defrost, move your Breakfast Brownies to the fridge for 24-48 hours and then on to the counter to slowly bring them to room temperature. Alternatively try a Breakfast Brownie straight out of the freezer or a delicious fudgy treat! 

What is the shelf life of the Breakfast Brownies? 

The Breakfast Brownies have a 7 day shelf life that can be extended by placing them in the fridge (10 days) or freezer (3 months). 

What is the best way to heat a Breakfast Brownie? 

We recommended using a toaster oven/mini oven or on a skillet in the oven (7-9 minutes at 350 degrees) or microwave wave (10 seconds covered with a damp paper towel) to heat your Breakfast Brownies. They are also EPIC at room temperature or for an even better treat, try them frozen out of the freezer but watch out for the chocolate gems they will be a bit harder frozen. Send us your favorite ways to reheat! 


Shipping FAQs 

Gluten Free and Vegan Granola shipping straight to your door


Can you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we are not currently shipping internationally.

I placed my order. When will I receive it?

All NJG products are shipped ground via USPS, Monday-Friday, unless requested otherwise. All orders placed before 12PM PST will ship that same day. 

* Please Note: We cannot be liable for the delay or inability of our product to be delivered in a timely fashion due to incorrect shipping information submitted at checkout or USPS delays. Any orders that need to be re-shipped due to incorrect shipping information will incur a reshipping fee.


Granola FAQs 

Gluten Free and Vegan Granola Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Are all Nana Joes Granola’s Gluten Free? 

Yes! All of our products are made in our certified Gluten Free facility in San Francisco. 

Are your products Dairy-Free, Soy- Free, Peanut- Free, Egg- Free, Preservative- Free and Tapioca Free? 

Yes! We are a 100% Vegan company and all of our products are free of Preservatives, Refined Sugars (except for an occasional seasonal/chef's blends), and Peanuts. Any product you buy from NJG is 100% whole food ingredients from mother earth. 

How should I store my granola? 

To maintain freshness we recommend placing your granola in an airtight container for ultimate freshness, especially when purchasing a 5 pound bulk bag. 

Can I use a discount code and still get free shipping? 

Yes! In order to qualify for free shipping orders must meet the $50 shipping minimum before taxes and shipping, and after the discount code is applied.  Discount codes cannot be applied to subscriptions or sampler packs.

Are there active discount codes I can use? 

Yes! We love sending discounts to Nana Joes Granola lovers and often due through our mailing list, sign up here!

I am unsatisfied with my order, what should I do? 

We take this very seriously. Contact us right away to let us know why you are unsatisfied and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We appreciate any and all feedback (it helps us grow as a business) and look forward to hearing how we can better serve you in the future. While we know our granola may not be for everyone we are unable to refund every order but will investigate the issues and contact you immediately if you qualify for a refund. We cannot accept wrongfully ordered or any products shipped back to our facility due to the gluten free nature of our kitchen. We want to make sure you feel safe ordering from us so we take every measure to guarantee our kitchen meets our Gluten Free standards. 

I am very satisfied with my order, what should I do? 

EPIC question, we would absolutely love for you to leave us a review! Find the item you loved in our store and scroll down the page to find the review section to start writing your review. It looks like the screengrab below.

gluten free and vegan granola reviews

We've grown solely by word of mouth and your reviews are the most valuable part of this experience. Spread the word and who knows you might get a discount code or free swag. ;)

As always, order more granola to share with friends and family. 

When will Nana Joes Granola be in my local grocery store? 

We have gotten so much support from our local Bay Area grocers and are working hard to expand to a store near you! Thanks to your support, you can now find Nana Joes Granola in the Bay Area, Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, Southern California and in Texas.

View our Store Locator >> 

If you want to see us in your local market, bring your empty Nana Joes Granola bag to their customer service counter and let them know you want it on their shelves!

What is the shelf life for a bag of Nana Joes Granola?

All Nana Joes Granola are baked fresh every day with no preservatives and have a 6 month shelf life. Expiration dates can also be found on individual bags. 

Why is it called Nana Joes Granola? 

My fondest memories growing up were with my family, so I named the company after my Grandma who I called Nana, and both of my Grandfathers named Joe! The picture on each bag of granola is a picture of my parents on their third date after enjoying a home cooked Italian meal.  

How long has Nana Joes Granola been baking granola? 

Since 2010!

Nana Joes Granola, a gluten free and vegan family small business

If you have any other question do not hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you 🧡


Phone: (415) 589 - 7041


Updated January 3, 2024.