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Let's Talk About the PALEO SUNRISE SERIES!


Our Paleo Sunrise Series has been a fan favorite since its inception and we’ve added one more to the lineup! This is the sweetest of the bunch but still a perfectly balanced breakfast treat. Featuring Coconut, Almonds, Pecans, and Hu Chocolate this will be a bag that is hard to put down. No need to worry if you *accidentally* eat the whole bag in one sitting because you will be full of the best of the best ingredients baked with love in our San Francisco kitchen.  

As we introduce this new blend I wanted to take some time to talk about why we are making all these delicious Paleo blends. While the Paleo diet might be a fad, the ideals of Paleo lifestyles are very important to understand. Having a diet composed of all natural ingredients free of preservatives and overly processed foods is so good for your tummy. While some might be looking to lose weight by eating like a caveman, most of us are just trying to eat what will make us feel good and full of energy- which is exactly what this granola will do!

I love oats as much as the next person, and am not suggesting you stop eating them but hear me out as to why you might consider going Paleo for your next breakfast. Since the start of the agricultural revolution and animal domestication the way we eat has been radically changed. We are not only able to produce food much more efficiently but we also have more choices than were available to paleolithic people; and I am not talking about Oreos and Potato Chips, but rather simple things like refined cereal grains and legumes. These changes have been good as our population swells and we struggle to feed our growing population. Unfortunately our metabolisms have not evolved as quickly as our ability to produce new food groups- leaving many with an unexplained tummy ache or worse. 

I am not here to promote a Paleo diet, but for breakfast it is so important to start the day with something your body can easily digest and convert into energy. If you start your day around the table with your family, a long commute to work or with a 5 mile run our Paleo Sunrise Series granola will get you where you need to go. 

Whether you enjoy the Hu Chocolate Blend, the Orange Zest & Almond Butter blend or the Cranberry, Almond Butter & Pecan blend I encourage you to try something new and go Paleo for breakfast!

Edit* - Since this blog was released we have added a new Keto-Friendly blend to the Paleo Sunrise Series line up! 


Paleo Sunrise Series granola