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Meet Alison Ryan from Alison's Organics and 24 Carrot Farm in Placerville, CA

Michelle Pusateri (Nana Joes Granola) and Alison Ryan from Alison's Organics and 24Carrot Farms in Placerville, CA.

Michelle Pusateri (left) and Alison Ryan (right) at 24 Carrot Farms in Placerville, California.

Meet Alison Ryan from Alison's Organics, new partner to Nana Joes Granola!

We've embarked on a new collaboration so Alison and our very own Chel Pusateri sat down to talk a little about how this partnership came to be. Taste the difference! Find Alison's Organics Almond Butter in Nana Joes Granola products here >>

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Alison, introduce yourself to Nana Joes fans. What should our gluten-free, vegan, organic, paleo, keto, low-sugar loving crowd know about you, Riverview Orchards, 24 Carrot Farms and Alison's Organics?

Alison: Hey! I'm Alison, founder of Alison’s Organics established in 2022. Alison's Organics was started to keep a well-loved and reputable line of organic products (Riverview Orchard) in the market. The founder of Riverview Orchard, Hendrik Feenstra, had been making these phenomenal nut butters for over 40 years and in those years gained quite the brand following. Not wanting to let down his dedicated customer base, yet being ready for retirement, he reached out to me to see if I would be willing to take over the production and distribution of these products. Having been working together for the past few years, he saw me as the ideal person to take over his product line, trusting that I would do right by his customers, and had the tenacity to grow this business. At that time, I had a deep understanding of running a small business and was simultaneously aspiring for something that could be my own. The opportunity that this provided couldn’t have come at a better time, nor have been a more perfect match for my particular skill set. This opportunity has been the catalyst in the establishment and strong foundation of Alison’s Organics. I was so excited that Chel and I got to meet recently at 24 Carrot Farm in Placerville.

And Chel, introduce yourself to the Alison’s Organics fans. What should they know about Nana Joes Granola and you?

Chel: Culinary Institute of America-trained pastry chef turned Master Granola Maker, I was inspired to create Nana Joes Granola in 2010 after experiencing an energy crash mid-surf session. Starting with a recipe that quickly gained popularity in the Bay Area, my mission evolved to reintroduce whole food ingredients to store shelves, leading to successful collaborations and expansions into new markets like paleo and keto blends. Beyond business, we prioritize community impact, co-packing for women-owned enterprises and mentoring aspiring women in the food industry. Recognized for our innovation and commitment, we're not just about granola; we're on a mission to make a meaningful impact in the food industry, one delicious bite of granola or breakfast brownies at a time. 

Tell us about how the two of you met.

Alison: Michelle popped into my inbox one day in search of a new almond butter source. We made a date to meet up at the seriously impressive Nana Joes Granola commercial kitchen in San Francisco, CA. In-between bites of granola, and spoonfuls of almond butter we got acquainted. I left her kitchen excited about the potential collaboration, but even more than that, just excited to have been introduced to someone of her caliber. From the outset, Michelle couldn’t have been more gracious in her support of what I was doing and willingness to work with me. She is truly one of a kind, and I feel so fortunate to have been connected to her and NJG. Getting to know her and working with her has been the most positive experience.

Chel: Alison is doing amazing work in the organic nut butter world and I knew we had to meet! Not only is she making deliciously roasted nut butters made from premium organic California almonds but she's also a farmer. Our meeting was kismet and I couldn’t have asked for a better supplier relationship. I'm so excited to see where the future takes us and how much success her skills and service brings her!

Tell us about this new partnership. How did it come about? Why is it so special to you both?

Alison: This partnership happened super organically (no pun intended). We both know how important our businesses are to each other, and are willing to find solutions when things come up. I'm so excited about this collaboration because NJG products are the best on the market, and Michelle herself is an absolute powerhouse. Her success is my success, and vice versa. Getting to be a part of her story, and aiding in her creation of the world’s finest granola is such an honor. Her entrepreneurial spirit, her tenacity in running a successful business, and her unfettered passion has really helped me visualize and work towards new heights for Alison’s Organics.

Chel: Alison and I connected through a mutual contact who praised her exceptional work in the organic nut butter industry. Not only does she craft delicious nut butters from premium California almonds, but she was also a dedicated farmer. From our first encounter, Alison's passion and integrity were evident, exemplified by her transparency about the quality of her products. She didn't hesitate to offer replacements if we weren't completely satisfied, fostering a relationship built on humility and trust. Our partnership lacks ego, making it truly refreshing, and I'm thrilled to see where her talent, service and incredible nut butters bring her!

Tell us a little more about Riverview Orchard Nut Butters. What’s something you always hear from fans?

Alison: The response I've been getting from Riverview Orchard fans has been incredible! People rave about how sweet the butters are, yet there are ZERO added sugars or sweeteners. They say it's the best they have ever had, and I frequently ship cases across the nation to people who have moved away from their local grocers where my butters are carried. Similar to the Nana Joes Granola line, the simplicity of ingredients and the focus we place on our craft is what makes Alison's Organics products stand out amongst the rest.

Chel, can you tell us more about Nana Joes Granola? Why is it so important to you and the NJG crew to have certified gluten-free granolas and a gluten-free facility?

Chel: Having whole food ingredients that cater to individuals with autoimmune conditions like celiac disease and colitis, necessitating a strict gluten-free diet, has always been a top priority for myself and the whole Nana Joes Granola team. Equally significant was the desire to create a low-sugar, flavorful granola appealing to diverse demographics beyond health restrictions. As a pastry chef, my aim was to unite the chef community, health-conscious parents, and label-conscious consumers around our granola, fostering a relationship built on trust and enjoyment. Our commitment extends beyond transactional; we strive for lifetime connections with our customers, offering a sense of belonging and feeling cared for and about.

Okay, review time! Alison, what’s your fave Nana Joes Granola product? And Chel, what's your favorite nut butter by Riverview Orchards?

Alison: I'm hooked on the Paleo Dark Chocolate Blend Granola. I love adding it to my homemade banana ice-cream at night, and the Paleo Cranberry is so good on yogurt in the mornings. But NJG is honestly so good straight out of the bag and I always have a stash in my car, at my house, and in the office.

Chel: I'm in love with the Riverview Orchard Organic Almond and Hazelnut Butter, indulging in it nightly in the bathtub alongside some in-season fruit as my sweet night time treat.

What's up next for Alison’s Organics?

Alison: My next project is to work on the brand, label, and logo design. In the takeover of the Riverview Orchard product line, my initial focus was to dial-in production and be meticulous in keeping the product consistent with the quality that my customers love. With that now being solid, the next step I will be taking is to make the logo and label design more marketable and memorable, and adding my personal touch to the labels. The current labels have been the same for 4 decades and have never had an online/social presence, so starting this rebrand is the next big project I'm really excited about. The same delicious and wholesome ingredients you've come to know and love but with a fresher look!

Why is it so important for small businesses like Alison’s Organics and Nana Joes Granola to be able to connect and build (delicious) product partnerships like this one?

Alison: Chel’s mission of working “In Community” is such a powerful stance that she completely embodies. And because of this, we are able to build off of eachother, work together, and grow together. Being a small business owner is a huge undertaking. We have to wear so many hats and sometimes it feels like we are alone in the hustle. Chel’s commitment to building up other small, woman-owned businesses as a part of her team has helped me realize that we don’t have to do it alone. And with a strong community we can build bigger, better, and more successful businesses together than we could on our own.

Chel: I don't think I can say it any better than Alison just did. I feel the same exact way about her and can't wait for us to collaborate on not only future Nana Joes Granola products but on our mutual business goals!

What’s something surprising, or maybe counter-intuitive, that you’ve learned as an entrepreneur? What advice would you give to folks new to the business?

Chel: No matter what, you cannot control the outcome! Yes, there are steps we must take to reach our desired destinations, but trusting the process is crucial; forcing it never yields success. Timing is critical; acting too soon could lead to financial ruin, while waiting too long might mean missing opportunities for growth. It's a delicate balance to maintain. Working 24 hours a day being “busy” can yield the same results as efficiently and effectively working 6-8 so stop trying to fill the void of down time and enjoy your life!

Alison: Vulnerability, and showing up authentically is the best thing you can do for yourself and for your business. You can’t be perfect all the time, and when things happen (no matter how hard you try, I promise you things will happen)… being vulnerable and transparent about your mistakes is when true growth, personally and professionally, takes place. People want you to succeed and also want you to be human, and showing up as you are is the best way to do just that!

Last but not least, Alison, is there anything else you want to share with our granola lovers?

Alison: I’d love to extend a 15% discount to the Nana Joes Granola fans! Go to and use promo code "NJG15" for 15% off your next purchase, now through June 30, 2024.

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