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Try our Limited Edition Berry Seeded Blend!


The Berry Seeded blend features sweet spring berries, shredded coconut, a mix of seeds on a base of gluten-free oats. This blend is just the right balance of sweet, tart, and floral to compliment any breakfast parfait. We suggest eating this spring time inspired blend by the handful right out of the bag, on a parfait with your favorite yogurt, or sprinkled on a scoop of ice cream for desert!  


The Berry Seeded Blend was inspired by the bounty of fresh produce that can be found at the Farmers Market in Spring and Summer. There is truly nothing better than seeing beautiful strawberries and deliciously pink raspberries come into season after a cold winter filled with winter quash and salad greens. Some years berries come in to season in February and other years we have to wait an extra few weeks to see this sweet gems.


Depending on where you live you might get to enjoy berries all year long, and we are truly jealous, as we do not. Strawberries provide an endless opportunity for cooking and baking projects which is why we were so excited to add them to a granola blend! Some of our other favorite ways to use Strawberries are in salads, smoothies, yogurt parfaits and gluten free strawberry shortcakes. What are some of your favorite way to cook with Strawberries?



berry seeded seasonal spring blend