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Let's Talk About MULBERRIES!


What is a Mulberry? 

We get so many questions about the mulberries in our Sunset Blend and love to talk about them! They are truly a unique product that often does not make an appearance at your local grocery store. You might be familiar with red mulberries which can be found growing on trees across the US and on a lucky day can be spotted at the farmers market or the grocery store. Red mulberries look like a stretched out raspberry or black berry with a sweetness that would blow you away.

White mulberries, on the other hand, are a bit less common and make a perfect addition to our granola. We use white mulberries in our Sunset Blend because of the incredibly unique, sweet-earthy flavor they posses. These perfect little berries are also a great source of vitamin C and Iron! 

Have any questions about Mulberries? Drop a question in the comment section below! 

Fun Fact: Mulberries are traditionally grown for their leaves, which are silkworms primary food source!