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Top Healthy Lifestyle YouTubers to Motivate You

When you think of the ever-expanding influence of social media, YouTube has to be at the top of the list. Today, YouTube content creators have more sway than movie stars and famous singers. They’re more relatable and more accessible than traditional celebrities. Dubbed influencers for obvious reasons, this growing group of people extols the virtues of their healthy lifestyles with exciting results. 

Of course, anyone can set up a make-shift studio in their bedroom and churn out videos, but many of today’s influencers hold themselves to a far higher standard. They produce good quality videos while making themselves experts in many valuable fields. 

YouTube isn’t just for the Millennials, either. There is information, instruction, encouragement, and motivation for every age and topic under the sun. 


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Top Healthy Lifestyle YouTubers

Here are the top healthy lifestyle YouTubers to motivate you:


EatMoveRest - The Stanczyks


Husband, wife, and baby of EatMoveRest YouTube channel, beside image that says Vegan on a Budget.


Dusty and Erin Stanczyk believe we should all eat more plants, move our bodies daily, and get acquainted with rest. 

The couple has a combined formal education in Communication Studies and Biology. Together they have a health and lifestyle coaching business called EatMoveRest. When not on video, they help people through group and one-on-one coaching, workshops, and retreats. 

Their videos are bright and sunny, upbeat (but grounded), and enjoyable. They vlog about their healthy lifestyle, reveal what they eat in a day, share tips and recipes, provide nutritional information, workouts, etc. 


Joined YouTube 2015 * 115K Subscribers * Instagram * 7,545,767 views  


Jaclyn Wood


 Image of Jaclyn Wood on one knee with words - 20 min leg and booty workout.


Jaclyn calls herself your online training and nutrition buddy. She teaches people how to get lean and build muscle by eating a plant-based whole foods diet and regular exercise. That being the goal, she offers free fitness videos and meal plans.  

She’s clearly passionate about what she does, and it is inspiring. She is an excellent choice if you’re focused on weight loss, muscle building, and detailed diet information.


Joined YouTube 2016 * 54.9K Subscribers * Instagram * 3,257,731 views


Fit Men Cook 


Kevin Curry with containers of meal prep with words - Healthy Meal prep 5 recipes 10 meals.


Kevin Curry is all about healthier, happier living. He believes that bodies are built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. So he shares light-hearted but expert healthy cooking tutorials and recipes. The meals he prepares are anything but boring! The recipes are flavorful, budget-friendly, and mouth-watering. 

Recently he has produced a couple of videos ‘reimagining’ some of our favorite fast foods. He deconstructs meals like the Burger King Cheese Whopper and remakes them healthier.  

He also shares tips on leading a more active lifestyle.


Joined YouTube 2012 * 583K Subscribers * Instagram * 35,192,820 views


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YouTuber Schellea Fowler in purple, with words Welcome to Fabulous50s.


Schellea Fowler is an enthusiastic 50-something who loves to see people living healthy and happy. She created her channel for women to be inspired, motivated, and informed about the best ways to be fully themselves. Her content is for women over 50 years old to find fitness workouts, healthy eating tips, fashion, and makeup tutorials. 

Schellea has a background in successful small business and a career as a Personal Stylist and Life/Business Coach. 

Her gentle but knowledgeable style will win you over. 


Joined YouTube 2017 * 1.16M Subscribers * Instagram * 79,903,695 views


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Rachel Ama


Youtuber Rachel Ama in a kitchen with words Easy Vegan Recipes


Young and energetic North Londoner Rachel Ama creates some of the most flavorful and imaginative international vegan foods you’ve ever seen! She has a warm, welcoming persona as she talks you through her cooking. She has produced her own cookbook - Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats, and a new book, soon to be released - One Pot: Three Ways

She wants to help people enjoy vegan foods and cooking at home. 

Rachel’s channel also features workouts, as she’s on her own journey of health and fitness. 


Joined YouTube 2015 * 572K Subscribers * Instagram * 20,423,451 views


Simnett Nutrition


Derek Simnett in a gym showing full day’s meals and drinks.


Derek Simnett is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner whose focus is vegan nutrition. His videos are full of nutritional information, amazing recipes and meal ideas, tips & tricks for healthy living, fitness workouts, and lifestyle vlogging. He loves calisthenics and genuinely wants people to learn to thrive in the world on whole plant-based foods. 

His bright, positive energy makes watching his videos a pleasant experience. You’ll come away feeling motivated and empowered to do better for your body and your life.  


Joined YouTube 2016 * 571K Subscribers * Instagram * 43,236,503 views


Lucy Lismore


Lucy Lismore video thumbnail with words 10 Healthy Habits


Lucy is a personal trainer and online coach specializing in beginner calisthenics, weight loss, and body confidence. She doesn’t mince words when discussing the realistic expectations of your weight loss journey. She’s lost 30 kg (66 lbs.) herself and is enthusiastic about the benefits of a healthier, more active lifestyle. Her channel is full of calisthenic (bodyweight exercises) workouts for people of varying levels, food guidance, and a little lifestyle vlogging. 

Her expressed goal is to bring clarity to the “crazy world of health and fitness.” She does this very well. Her low-key fervor for calisthenics will have you yearning to do push-ups, pull-ups, and handstands in no time. 


Joined YouTube 2017 * 211K Subscribers * Instagram * 9,862,956 views


Radhi Devlukia


Radhi and husband, Jay, with words Living a Happy & Healthy Life.


Radhi is a prolific creator of delicious, flavorful, international plant-based meals. Her bright personality and easy humor are infectious, and her love for food is evident. She also happens to be the wife of famed motivational speaker and purpose coach Jay Shetty. 


In addition to her colorful, vibrant recipes and cooking tutorials, Radhi also shares Ayurveda and natural skincare, along with healthy lifestyle vlogging. She believes in the power of meditation, visualization, and spreading joy for good mental health.    


Joined YouTube 2012 * 371K Subscribers * Instagram * 11,383,760 views


Fit Father Project - Fitness For Busy Fathers


Fitness expert for The Fit Father Project in gym.


This team of men’s health experts creates workouts, meal plans, and fitness motivational videos for busy dads. They help busy fathers in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to lose weight and gain health. Already, they have helped over 22,000 men lose over 75,000 lbs. 


Joined YouTube 2015 * 398K Subscribers * Website * 27,743,766 views       


In 2019, the channel gave birth to Fit Mother Project, a similar channel for busy moms. A team of women’s health experts helps busy moms reach their ideal body weights, love their bodies, and create healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families. Videos contain free workouts, meal plans, and motivational tips. Like the Fit Father Project, you feel like you’re receiving expert advice.  


Joined YouTube 2019 * 175K Subscribers * Website * 6,325,052 views


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The Last Word

Enjoy the above YouTuber influencers as they guide you to healthy, happy lives.  


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