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Fueling Your 2024

We totally get it. Each of us is busier than ever and, just like you, we have ambitions for the new year. We want to move more, eat healthier, shop locally, be with our families more often. But where do we find the time for nutritious meals that are energizing and inspiring? For fresh, wholesome ingredients that fuel your body and your soul? You don't have all day to spend cooking, and that's where Nana Joes Granola comes in...
Breakfast can be as easy as a spoonful of yogurt with a bit of whatever fruit you have handy, and a sprinkle of dark chocolate, coconut, almond butter and pecan clusters in our paleo dark chocolate blend. (Tip: Prepare your fruit and pre-portion the yogurt on Sundays for easy weekday mornings.)
Fuel on-the-go can be as quick as a delicious gluten-free and vegan granola bar that is never dry and boring like other brands.
Midnight snacktime can be as healthy as a chocolate brownie that's low in sugar, vegan, grain-free, gluten-free AND paleo-friendly.

Even dinner can be spiced up with a bit of savory granola blend. This may sound weird, but I often use it in my weeknight dinners. Trust me - it has literally zero sugar and works just as well as (actually even better than, in my opinion) raw oats or flours. I use it to bread chicken, top soups, make savory veggie pancakes, replace the flour in meatballs or veggie burgers… the list is ENDLESS.

The lightbulb. The wheel. The classic apple and nut butter snack. I thought these legends couldn’t be improved until I added Nana Joes Granola. To the apple, not the lightbulb of course. My favorite way to prepare this is with Pink Pearl apples, smooth almond butter, a drizzle of honey and our original Sunset Blend: Pecan, Mulberry and Coconut.

Gluten-Free and Vegan doesn't have to mean boring. I asked my dad what he wanted in his ideal granola, but when he started listing ingredients, it wasn't quite a granola but more like a trail mix. You know I had to make it. Named after the man himself, Tony's Blend Trail Mix features chocolate and pistachios that is absolutely perfect for every hike and road trip I've ever taken. P.S. That handsome fella on every package is Tony! 

Have a bit of a sweet tooth but don't want all that sugar? Yeah, me too. Go to the cupboard and grab a little handful of the Paleo Dark Chocolate blend. It hits the spot for after-dinner cravings without the sugar crash.

Impress your friends with a fancy salad for your next brunch. Are you hungry yet? I often add a sprinkle of one of Paleo Sunrise blend granola to a fresh spring salad for an extra llittle oomph and crunch. Plus you and your guests will stay fuller longer because of the wholesome ingredients and healthy fats. A personal favorite for salads is the orange, almond butter and pecan blend. Fun Fact - this is the blend that started it all!

Chocolate and banana pancakes. I love starting my weekends with Mumford & Sons and banana pancakes. Grab a scoop of Paleo Dark Chocolate blend and add to your pancake batter - it’s like adding chocolate chips, but better (crunchy, nutty, coconut-y… YUM). No need to change anything else about the recipe!

I hope these tips have helped you get a few new ideas for your favorite gluten-free, vegan, organic granolas from Nana Joes. 

In Community, 
Michelle Pusateri
Founder & Master Granola Maker