V2 Chef's Blend Series; PALEO @KALEJUNKIE

V2 Chef's Blend Series; PALEO @KALEJUNKIE

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You asked and we delivered....Finally a Paleo @KALEJUNKIE Blend!!

Nicole Modic, also known as @KALEJUNKIE on Instagram, is a wellness obsessed Mama of two beautiful boys, on a mission to share her passion for a healthy lifestyle. We are beyond stoked about this second edition of her chef's blend featuring a few of her favorite ingredients; Chocolate, Strawberries and Toasted Coconut.


This Blend is a fresh take on @KALEJUNKIE's original Chef's Blend with a Paleo twist. As much as we love our oats, for this edition we have swapped out the oats for Almonds, Pecans and lots of other great Superfoods. 


PS. In summer months the chocolate might melt in transport but don't worry it is better this way! Toss it in the fridge for just a few minutes and viola, good as new!