Orange You Glad We Drizzled it in Chocolate?

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Back by popular demand! This is the perfect Quarantreat desert you never knew you needed.  A generous drizzle of HU Gems dark chocolate over the Paleo Sunrise Series with Orange Zest is a healthy yet decadent treat we guarantee chocolate lover will love!
We hope you enjoy this special treat as much as we enjoyed baking it! 4oz package treat for celebrating the tiny wins in life. 

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Question: How much granola in this product?

Answer: Not much. No indication of package size on this order form or in the picture, so imagine my surprise when this tiny bag of very expensive granola arrives at my house. Yes, paleo products on this site are more expensive - but $8 for four ounces? Wow. Please - indicate the weight of this product above, so no one else gets shocked by the tiny amount of granola. Meanwhile, I will stick to buying products from Nana Joes when the net weight is displayed.