The New Big Wave Bar!

I am proud to present the newest member of the granola bar family – the Big Wave Bar! The Big Wave Bar was inspired by San Francisco-based professional surfer Bianca Valenti. In 2014, Bianca earned the title of the first female Big Wave World Tour champion, and that is just the beginning of her prosperous future in big-wave surfing. With no sponsors, Bianca embodies the spirit of a strong, independent female athlete.

The new bar includes quinoa, cranberry, and almond butter. This combination of Bianca’s go-to ingredients creates a champion of a bar. I would not be surprised if you gained the courage to tackle a few mavericks after taking a bite out of it. Traveling for competitions is expensive, especially with no sponsors. To show our support for Bianca, part of the proceeds from this bar are going towards helping her compete in the World Surf League.

Get your hands on a Big Wave Bar here!

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