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Dreaming of soft drinks, ice cream, cake, and candy? Well you may as well dream of nutrient deficiency, obesity and heart disease. Generous consumption of sugar has many negative effects on the human body that many Americans fail to acknowledge. When sugar is consumed, the body converts some of the sugar into energy, and the excess (sugar not burnt off through physical activity) into fat tissue. The calories gained from sugar are often called “empty calories” because there is no true nutritional value that comes with the sugar. For this reason, high sugar intake correlates with weight gain, diabetes, and obesity. A particularly notable long-term effect of consuming too much sugar is liver damage. Eating too much sugar can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which has the same effects of excessive alcohol consumption. There are no medical treatments for NAFLD, so prevention methods such as eating healthily and exercising are crucial.

Refined sugars are in more products than we realize. For example, did you know that a teaspoon of ketchup can have up to one teaspoon of sugar in it? That’s a lot of sugar for a condiment that is supposed to taste like a fruit that is not very sweet (yes, tomatoes are fruits). Additionally, barbeque sauce, salad dressing, frozen meals, sweetened dairy, sports drinks, soft drinks, canned fruits, and canned vegetables all have surprising amounts of added sugar in them. Sugary drinks are exceptionally dangerous because one can sip lots of it without getting full.

Luckily there are healthier alternatives for your sweet tooth – including Nana Joes Granola! Our handmade granola is sweetened with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and vanilla bean. Each bag of granola typically has under 9g of sugar per serving (½ cup) while popular name brands have up to 15g of sugar per ½ cup serving. Dietitians often recommend eating ¼ cup servings of granola along with other food groups. Pair Nana Joes Granola with some yogurt for a crunchy parfait, fruit salad for a yummy appetizer, or even pancakes for a creative breakfast. The possibilities are truly endless.


For a healthier, more filling, and tastier snack, Nana Joes Granola is the way to go!

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