Let's talk about KETO-FRIENDLY!

To celebrate the launch of our new Keto- Friendly Paleo Sunrise Series granola we wanted to dig into the ideas behind a keto diet. 


The keto diet originally began as a form of fasting to restore ones health and was even used in the treatment of Epilepsy in the 20's buy reducing seizure educing toxins in the body*. This remained a popular form of treatment for Epilepsy until the creation of antiepileptic drugs.  


Recently the keto diet has resurfaced under many different names (remember the Atkins diet? that was a keto diet too!) all with the same principals of eating a low-carb, high-fat/protein diet. By eating a low-carb diet with a emphasis on fat and protein your body is forced into relying on ketone bodies for fuel instead of simple sugars. This change puts your body in to a state of ketosis, which is often the goal of those following a keto diet.** Some might eat at Keto diet to lose weight, to prepare for a sporting match, or at the advice of a doctor. Please consult a physician before starting a keto diet.


Whether you follow a strict keto diet or just like trying new products our keto-friendly granola is a great choice for breakfast! It is our only blend to feature Monkfruit, an all natural, zero-calorie sweetener, and hazelnuts. The Hazelnut, Almond Butter & Pecan granola is sugar-free, grain-free, and gluten-free! It has a wonderfully nutty flavor with a silky texture perfect for enjoying with yogurt or milk! 



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