Let's talk about GRANOLA!

If you couldn't already tell, we are absolute Granola Lovers! We eat it for breakfast daily, sometimes for lunch and it makes for an absolutely delicious late night treat. As a Granola Lover I often wonder where did granola come from? What was the point of conception that oats mixed with fruits and seeds would be the best way to start the day. 

 How it Began 

The first record of a cold dry cereal was created by James Caleb Jackson, a 19th century health reformer. Jackson believed many illness were rooted in the stomach and could be cured with mineral-spring treatments supplemented with his granola, originally called granula. Jacksons granula began as a brittle cake made of graham flour which was so hard it was only edible when soaked overnight, similar to the modern day 'grape nut'. Jackson served this granula at this sanitarium and boosted its many health properties. Despite it's brittle texture Jacksons granula quickly gained the attention of John Harvey Kellogg, and the competition began.

Kellogg saw the potential of granula and began experimenting with his own recipe to serve to the clients of his sanitarium across town. Kellogs version of granula was a combination of wheat flour, oatmeal and cornmeal and could be enjoyed without an overnight soak. Jackson felt the competition brewing and sued Kellogg for stealing his idea but Kellogg brilliantly renamed his product granola and the modern day granola was born! In 1889 Kellogg was selling two tons of granola a week and later went on to invent the cereal flake and other breakfast classics that we know and love.

The Revival of Granola 

In the 1960's granola was re introduced into grocery stores and was a commercialized by Jim Matson and the Heartland Natural Cereal company. Sugar filled cereals were a big breakfast staple in the 50's and 60's which gave room for a healthy breakfast alternative to boom, especially in California which was already filled with health stores. 

Modern Day Granola 

Today almost ever major cereal company has their own line of granolas and the granola craze has gone nation wide. Modern grocery stores and health food stores have dozens of dedicated shelves with countless granola options ranging in cheap mass produced products to local made artisanal granola, like ours! We think the history of granola is fascinating and hope you do to! 


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