Introducing the newest addition to our Chef's Blend Series - Yoni Levy!

If you were granola, what would be in it? This is what I ask Chefs before creating the wholesome blends in our Chef's Blend series. The Chef's Blend series is a collection of custom granola that incorporates a local Chef's personality and culinary style into our granola blends, making a truly unique mixture. 

The newest addition to our Chef's Blend series is Outerlands' one and only - Yoni Levy! The seasoned skater and Chef cruised his way from delivery/doughboy duties at Little Caesar's to head of the kitchen at Outerlands in San Francisco's Sunset District. He was recently named a 2016 Rising Star by StarChefs for his clear vision when it comes to food, and taste that can only be perfected with years of experience. Rising Stars are young Chefs under the age of forty with less than ten years of industry experience chosen from over sixty local culinary artists through interviews and in-person tastings. 

This blend includes Sesame Seeds, Hazelnut, Dates, and fresh Thyme, which are all common ingredients at his restaurant. Chef Yoni boasts their ability to taste good in sweet as well as savory dishes. "My favorite thing about food is being as simple as possible through complexity," he said in an interview with Sean Kenniff from StarChefs, and that is apparent in this blend. All of these ingredients alone are simple but when put together, they are a complex experience for your taste buds. 

This blend is only available for a limited time, so get it quick!

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