Chef's Blend Series, Brandon Rice of Rich Table

Are you ready for the next Chef’s Series Blend? We know we are! This time around we are collaborating with Brandon Rice, of Rich Table in San Francisco. This Chef has a juicy resume with experience starting from the age of seven. Before training professionally, this young culinary artist cooked dinner daily for his family in Roanoke, Virginia. Now an adult, Brandon has traveled to New York, Boston, Europe, Japan, and now San Francisco cooking for thousands of people that he considers family.

So what has this well-seasoned chef decided to put in his well-seasoned granola mix? Well, there’s sorghum puffs and syrup, a timeless seed mixture, sweet dried cherries, and a hint of douglas fir powder. The sorghum is reminiscent of Brandon’s roots in the South while the douglas fir provides a savory note that represents his future in Northern California. Additionally, his signature seed mixture of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and flax seeds lends a familiar taste that everyone loves! Brandon says the mix is based on “the everything bagel” – the best breakfast there is.

"I grew up in south western Virginia and have spent a large portion of my life in Northern California. I wanted to make sure this mix had parts of my past and present. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do." - Brandon Rice

So grab yourself a bag or two now and you can have the best breakfast everyday!

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